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Tarot of Flowers Deck

Tarot of Flowers Deck

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The Tarot of Flowers welcomes you into a world of powerful floral metaphors and meaning, an experience teeming with the timeless and regenerative wisdom of flowers. Invite yourself to embrace this set of cards as an energetic tool for self-discovery and an open portal for insightful reflection.

Inspired by the miraculous nature of the blooming world, Nectar & Bloom’s original Tarot of Flowers deck has been thoughtfully and meticulously crafted to harness and balance the powers of both nature and the mystic - where grounded meets boundless.



• 200+ page original & illustrated guide book, written by Jen, guiding you through the essentials of Tarot, how to conduct card pulls and readings, the unique wisdom and guidance of each flower in the deck, and more

• 78 cards, each featuring a different flower, captured in original illustrations by artist Liz Lagedrost (Jen's sister!)

• A two-piece, luxurious keepsake box that contains all cards and booklet in one

• An index of flower varieties included to easily look up the meaning and message of each flower is inside the guide book as well


The Tarot of Flowers is based on Jen's first-hand experience working as a floral artist woven together with threads of floral folklore, old-world flower meanings, and traditional Tarot archetypes. Offering an intuitive roadmap and sounding board for your unique path, the Tarot of Flowers offers deep insights and resonant guidance for your healing and self-discovery journey.


Tarot of Flowers is an intuitive instrument and full holistic guide to the Tarot through the language of flowers, complete with instructions for use, essentials about the Tarot, guided spreads and readings, and connections among flowers, Astrology, elements, and chakras. Simply ask a question or set an intention, and allow yourself to receive the guidance that you seek.

Tarot of Flowers Dimensions:
7 and 7/16" long
5 and 5/16" wide
2 and 1/2" deep


You, too, are an essential expression of nature, thriving when given the right nourishment and room to grow.

At Nectar & Bloom, our philosophy is rooted in supporting the creative process alongside floral artists themselves—providing transformative business guidance and soul stirring experiences through shared knowledge, inspiration, community, and connection.