You, too, are an essential expression of nature, thriving when given the right nourishment and room to grow.

At Nectar & Bloom, our philosophy is rooted in supporting the creative process alongside floral artists themselves—providing transformative business guidance and soul stirring experiences through shared knowledge, inspiration, community, and connection.

Here is where you find the Nectar that nourishes your creativity and the support for your wellbeing that empowers you to Bloom. This is a place where you—all the dynamic and radiant parts of you—can turn your passion into purpose and build your dream in the language of flowers.


About Jen

While growing up on an Organic produce farm in the Midwest, Jen and her sister started a small business selling hand-gathered bouquets at a local market stand from flowers they grew together on their parents' farmland.  Little did she know at the time, but that early business had planted a seed for what would later grow into her life’s calling. 

Jen traded the farmland of her childhood for the sun drenched shores of California, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry and which led to her dream job as a university professor of Literature and Writing. A few years into teaching, Jen began to feel something stirring inside—the calling which had been planted deep within her soul decades ago among the flowers—now ready to flourish.

Jen left her academic career in order to create Nectar & Bloom, where she seamlessly combined her love for the inspiring and transformative nature of flowers with her expertise in poetry to craft stories in the language of flowers.

Over nearly a decade, Jen has built an expansive business crafting lush arrangements for countless events and gatherings. Through the launch of Poetry of Flowers, her floral workshops, and her one-on-one mentorship program, Jen leveraged her background in education to focus on sharing her deep well of knowledge and unique holistic approach with others. 

As a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Ayurvedic health counselor, Jen incorporates a uniquely holistic approach into floral artistry. She encourages her students to prioritize balance and wellbeing as floral artists, which she believes is essential to building a sustainable business rooted in purpose and passion. 

When not mentoring student designers, teaching workshops, or creating for Poetry of Flowers, you can find Jen on the sunny canyon trails or beaches near her home in San Diego. She is an avid writer, host of a book club, and she loves building community among friends. Jen also practices Ashtanga yoga and studies multiple healing modalities. Together with her husband and soulmate Carr, Jen enjoys traveling for peaceful retreats and creating a spa out of their home.