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Poetry of Flowers

Do I need prior experience to become a member?

No prior experience is required to join Poetry of Flowers. Seasoned professionals and working floral artists as well as brand new aspiring floral artists are all welcome, and the course materials are suitable for all levels of experience. All Nectar & Bloom educational materials are designed to meet you where you are and support you in where you are headed.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Due to the nature of digital content, all lifetime or annual membership sales are final sale, and there is no cancellation option. A Poetry of Flowers member who chooses the 6 month payment plan may cancel their membership within the first 48 hours of enrollment for a $50 cancellation fee. After 48 hours, the fee to cancel is the remaining cost of their membership agreement. For additional questions, please view our terms & conditions, or contact us for more information.[Can be updated on the site itself when Jen has confirmation from her attorney]

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital content, all purchases are final sale and refunds are not provided. This is our policy regardless of whether or not a student has used or not used the content during their time of access.

Does the Poetry of Flowers membership auto-renew?

If you have chosen to pay monthly, you will be billed every 30 days for the duration of the 6-month payment plan. If you have chosen to pay a one-time full payment, you will only be charged that one time upon purchase. The membership does not auto-renew, but you may choose to renew.

Can I share my login with others?All purchases of Poetry of Flowers content including a la carte workshops and memberships, are meant to only be viewed by the purchaser. Sharing of login credentials, or any content within Poetry of Flowers with others is strictly prohibited.

What topics do the video modules cover specifically?

Poetry of Flowers is designed to provide an all-encompassing journey to students that graduates through floral artistry design topics, business strategy, and holistic approaches to planetary and personal sustainability. Below are the topics covered within the Poetry of Flowers membership:


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Module 1 — Foundations Of Floral Artistry
  3. Module 2 — Essential Centerpiece Designs
  4. Module 3 — Lush & Airy Bouquet Designs
  5. Module 4 — Suspended Foam-Free Installation Design
  6. Module 5 — Wearable Floral Designs
  7. Module 6 — Centerpiece & Tablescape Design
  8. Module 7 — Expanded Bouquet Designs & Techniques
  9. Module 8 — Growing Foam-Free Installation Design
  10. Module 9 — Water Sources & Foam-Free Installation Design
  11. Module 10 — Expanded Table Arrangement Designs
  12. Module 11 — Foam-Free Floral Arch Installation Design
  13. Module 12 — Dried Floral Wreaths & Bouquet Wraps
  14. Course Conclusion
  15. Bonus Resource Library


I haven't started my floral career professionally yet. Is mentorship still available to me?

Mentorship is available to anyone interested in a career in the floral industry or in developing a floral artistry practice, whether you have a decade of experience already, or it's still simply a desire in your heart.

One-on-one sessions are an incredible catalyst for making your vision a reality and to get you moving confidently into the next steps you need to take in building your dream or career with clarity, support, and purpose.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We understand first-hand how investing in a new venture can be more comfortable when paced out over time, and we have payment plans available. Make sure to indicate on your intake form that you're interested in learning more about installment plans and options.

Can I reschedule my session?

With Jen's full schedule, we cannot guarantee availability for rescheduled mentorships less than a month out from your mentorship date, depending on which mentorship option you have booked. Rescheduling is subject to a rebooking and rescheduling fee.

We do understand that sickness and emergencies happen. If needs arise, please reach out, and we'll handle unexpected rescheduling on a case-by-case basis.

I know broadly what I want to do, but I have no idea where to start or which step to take first. Can you help with that?

100% yes. My actual jam is in meeting you where your spark of desire is, no matter how wild your idea or how big a pivot you are making, and guiding you into an empowered plan of action. For me, it is indescribably fulfilling to help my mentees go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling crystal clear and excited, not to mention confident, about the next steps to take in building their dream. I've done it myself many times in the journey of building and growing Nectar & Bloom, and it is my passion to empower you on your journey into your next dream or calling too.


Do I need previous experience to attend a workshop?

All are welcome to our workshops and retreats, from seasoned professionals in floristry to brand new beginners alike. Jen teaches an all-levels approach during workshops, which means everything you need to know will be explained and the guidance and support you receive will meet you where you are.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Check for special "bring-a-friend" pricing opportunities, and be sure to book early as our workshops and retreats are kept to a small number for an intimacy and optimal learning experience for everyone attending.

What do I need to bring with me?

Everything you need for the workshop or retreat, including tools and florals, will be provided unless otherwise specified. It’s always recommended to dress comfortably, bring a warm layer as mornings here can be cool, and wear closed-toe shoes. We recommend you bring a water bottle along with you for hydration, although drinks and refreshments will also be provided.

Is lodging included?

If you are traveling for a Nectar & Bloom workshop or retreat, we are thrilled to have you! Lodging is not included in the workshop, but we are happy to point you in the direction of some great nearby lodging options. There are several hotels and many lovely airbnbs in the area. Just ask, and we’ll provide a guide to our favorite shops, cafes, restaurants, and experiences for you to enjoy during your stay.


What is included in event design with Nectar & Bloom?

Everything at Nectar & Bloom is devoted to a holistic approach. We are here to tell your story in the language of flowers with top-notch design, floral knowledge, and poetic precision. Our founder Jen will connect with you to shape an intentional, authentic experience, coordinate with your event-day team for cohesion and styling, and personally lead a design team in crafting and installing your event floral designs. Nectar & Bloom is a full-service design studio, and we handle the entire scope of florals for your event form selection, to design, to installation, and strike at the end of your event.

What is the booking process for event design with Nectar & Bloom?

Typically, large-scale events and weddings are booked a minimum of 6-8 months ahead of event the day. Jen’s schedule is busy with teaching and mentorships, so please inquire with as much lead time as you can. For smaller events, a shorter window is sometimes possible. Reach out and we will be glad to look at calendars with you. After receiving your inquiry, we will send you an initial proposal. Upon acceptance of the proposal, you will receive an invoice to pay the booking deposit, which once paid will reserve the event date for you in our calendar. 

Is there an investment minimum?

Pricing is customized to the scope and size of each event individually. Nectar & Bloom event design begins with a minimum investment of $10k.

Do you design events for brand activations?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to craft impactful floral set design, or to serve your guests with hands-on floral educational experiences, for your VIP event, launch party, or other activation. Please inquire so that we can shape an experience for you.

Still have questions?

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