At Nectar & Bloom our purpose is rooted in supporting the creative process alongside floral artists themselves—providing transformative business outcomes and soul stirring experiences through shared knowledge, inspiration, community, and connection.

This is a place where you—all the dynamic and radiant parts of you—can find the Nectar that nourishes your creativity, and the support that empowers you to Bloom.


Meet Jen, Founder of Nectar & Bloom

When called to shift from an academic career path as a professor of literature and writing towards one as a floral artist, Jen applied her expertise in crafting words to a new, inspiring world — creating poetry in the transformative language of flowers.

After building an expansive floral design business providing arrangements for hundreds of events, workshops, and gatherings, Jen seamlessly leveraged her decades-long background in education to focus on empowering artists along their paths to finding authenticity, prosperity, and fulfillment in the business of floral artistry.

As a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Ayurvedic health counselor, Jen brings a unique holistic approach to her teachings, encouraging students to prioritize balance and wellbeing as an essential aspect to building a sustainable business rooted in purpose and passion. 



The Poetry



Transform your business, align your vision, and find purpose within your passion all while prioritizing your wellbeing with Poetry of Flowers — our holistic floral education offering and community.

Through 150+ instructive video tutorials, connection to like-minded floral industry professionals, exclusive access to Jen’s wealth of knowledge, and more, Poetry of Flowers aims to support floral artists at any point in their careers and in all aspects of business in one all-encompassing platform.





Starting, growing, and refining your floral design business is a beautiful, yet massive project — but it is one you don’t have to take on alone. If you’re seeking tailored recommendations, transformative advice, and deeply personal support, you have arrived.

Through a blend of educational experience, strategic support, and quality one-on-one virtual or in-person time with Jen, you will receive clarity, expert guidance, hands-on experience, and a personally-tailored path forward that is inspiring, aligned, manageable, and motivating.


Flowers are an ephemeral, healing, and poetic medium through which we can access beautiful moments of connectivity and community.

Here at Nectar & Bloom, we seek to facilitate those moments of deep connection through immersive, creative experiences designed to empower participants, whether seasoned floral professionals or those simply with a budding curiosity for flowers. All are welcome here.

Discover the Wisdom of Flowers

Inspired by the miraculous nature of the blooming world, Nectar & Bloom’s original Tarot of Flowers deck has been thoughtfully and meticulously crafted to harness the powers of both nature and the mystic — a gateway into deep floral guidance that blooms where grounded meets boundless.

The Tarot of Flowers is based on Jen's first-hand experience as a floral artist woven together with threads of floral folklore, old-world flower meanings, and traditional Tarot archetypes. Providing an intuitive roadmap and sounding board for your intentional path forward, the Tarot of Flowers offers keen insights and resonant guidance to support your self-discovery journey.