Nectar & Bloom Book Club: Book 2

Nectar & Bloom Book Club: Book 2

Continuing with our Nectar & Bloom Book Club, and in the spirit of Nectar & Bloom's focus on transformative education, I’ve selected our second book, and I’m so excited to share it with you. This one is all about one of the elements we utilize most as floral artists — COLOR.


As a poet and former professor of literature and writing, I truly love books, and I truly love to read. I also find spending time in the worlds of the written word to be essential to expanding our views and increasing our knowledge, not to mention enriching us with inspiration and broadening our perspectives.





Every few weeks I'll select a book that has been inspiring and nourishing in my growth as an artist and business owner that I invite you to read with me at your own pace. All are welcome to join. We hold a live book discussion together after each book, where we'll share our thoughts and learnings, and I'll provide my insights and answer your questions.



For our second book club selection, I've chosen a smart and playful book of visual delight and endless inspiration. The book, "The Secret Lives of Color" by Kassia St Claire, is a fascinating collection of short, vivid essays, each on a specific color, such as “Dutch Orange” or “Prussian Blue,” and all beautifully arranged in color families that paint the page edges of the book as you read and flip through.


Kassia St Claire is a writer who “specializes in telling gripping stories about the overlooked and the everyday,” as her website describes. She has assembled in this book an intriguing and brightly enriching array of  tales and details from fashion, art, and history that are associated with each of the 75 included colors. It feels like a great book for connecting with the nuances of color and the worlds of stories behind their expression and use.





As a floral artist steeped in the world of color, and as a poet in love with the evocative nature of words, I am excited to share this read with you both for its amusing anecdotes and for the inspiration it stirs for palettes and meaningful creative projects. As a Reiki practitioner and student of Ayurveda and yoga, I’m also fascinated with color and energy frequencies that align in the chakras of the body. I can’t wait to discuss all of this and more with you.





I'll be hosting the live book discussion on Wednesday, June 12th at 5pm PST in the Poetry of Flowers community platform. To join this free community experience, sign up for my email newsletter to receive the invitation to sign up.


For a hard copy of the book, please consider supporting your local bookshop. Can’t wait to see you June 12th!





PS: In case you missed the previous book, you can take a peek and read about it here.

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