Nectar & Bloom Book Club: Book 1

Nectar & Bloom Book Club: Book 1

As a poet, former professor of literature and writing, and lifelong learner, I'm nothing short of an ardent reader. Books are essential in helping us expand our views, increase our knowledge, and shift our perspectives.

In the spirit of Nectar & Bloom's focus on transformative education, we're launching a new community experience: the Nectar & Bloom Book Club. Each month I'll select a book that has been inspiring and impactful to my growth as an artist and business owner and that I invite you to read with me at your own pace. All are welcome to join. For Poetry of Flowers community members, we'll hold a live book discussion together, where we'll share our thoughts and learnings, and I'll provide my insights and answer your questions.


For this first book club selection, I've chosen a clever and expansive book that caught my eye on a table in a bookshop on Kauai while Carr and I were there to practice yoga over our anniversary last October. The book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, by Rick Rubin, is a zen set of guidelines and meditative musings about creativity and producing art, about being an artist and showing up in your life for the work you are meant to do.

This is a great book for realignment and expanded awareness about what it means to be creative. It encourages you to cultivate a more conscious, meditative space in your life for your craft as well as an expanded understanding about the challenges and opportunities inherent in a creative life.


Its author, Rick Rubin, is a big-time music producer who, if you've ever heard him speak, is able to channel his deep, melodious voice into his written prose, which gives his writing an inviting blend of calm authority and compassionate gentleness.


Pease support your local bookshop, or check out for a site that supports independent book stores. If you're in San Diego, I love Book Catapult right here in South Park, and they offer online orders too! You can also get the audiobook on Audible or rent it for free on the library app Libby.

I'll be hosting the book discussion on Monday, April 29th, at 3pm PST in the Poetry of Flowers community platform. To join, sign up for my newsletter here to receive the invitation to this free community experience. You can also sign up directly from this blog post here.


I can't wait to see you there!



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