Astrology in Flowers: Taurus

Astrology in Flowers: Taurus

Gentle, generous, and pleasure-seeking Taurus is the earthly bull of the zodiac, and with it comes the season of abundance, indulgence, a little more delight, and a lot more ease. 

Taurus is the bringer of all the pastoral pleasures — spring blooms, open meadows, time sprawled on a picnic blanket in the sun. Tauruses love nature, and they remind us that moments of enjoyment and serenity are both grounding and essential to living the good life. Taurus also exemplifies slowing down to smell not just the roses but everything blooming in our paths.


Taurus is known for strength, stability, and also stubbornness. While Taurus energy can reveal where we are getting a bit stuck in our ways, or where we are being a bit “bull-headed,” this is also the season when the most delightful thing to do really is to just relax in a meadow under a tree or by a river, taking in the grounding energy of nature and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 

Here I’ve created Taurus in flowers in all of its softness and strength with locally grown flowers that are blooming now in this season, including lush and velvety (also fragrant) geranium, luxurious ranunculus, the fine satin of sweet peas, easygoing agrostemma, graceful foxgloves, and the ruffled laughter of butterfly ranunculus. 


Taurus reminds us that it is more than ok to be cozy and comfortable, and Taurus energy inspires an appreciation for the slower pace and simpler life, and I believe we all need that. This is a time to step into your element, and to connect with the rich and stable element of earth, and just be charmed by the season’s beauty and opulence. 


Taurus in our Tarot of Flowers deck is associated with the Major Arcana card Pierris Japonica | The Shaman, a flower and tarot card associated with wisdom, inner knowing, and guidance. Here is a snippet from the Tarot of Flowers guidebook for this card:


"Growing in clusters of tiny bell-shaped flowers among leaves that spiral to its blooms, Pieris Japonica embodies the shape of ever-expanding knowledge. Its constellations of intricate, lantern-like blooms symbolize the abundance of possibility before you as well as the light of guidance that shows you the way. As The Shaman, this flower indicates an important time to pursue further education in an area of deep importance to you, so keep yourself open for the appearance of a new teacher or opportunity. The advice you seek may come through an unexpected source, and the support of a sage advisor or healer could reveal itself to you in the form of a book, a chance conversation, or even from within..."


Learn more about the Tarot of Flowers deck, or get your own (or gift!) a Tarot of Flowers deck, here.


Happy birthday to all of you Taurus friends out there! Send this to a Taurus you love to wish them a happy birthday, and may we all enjoy a little more opulence and pleasure this season.




“Astrology in Flowers” is a personal creative project that I’ve built as a way to compose together my love for flowers, language, the zodiac, and the connective experience of self-discovery. I encourage you to make space for your own creative explorations that connect your interests and furthermore connect you to the season surrounding you at this moment. Such projects are some of the most fun and rewarding of all to make and to share.  



  • Dates: April 20th - May 20th
  • Qualities: reliable, practical, patient, devoted, stable, stubborn, responsible, sensual, loyal, tenacious, down-to-earth, indulgent, gentle, kind
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Planet: Venus
  • Colors: greens, earth tones, spring pinks
  • Flowers: ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, agrostemma, foxglove, sweet pea, and geranium foliage
  • Mechanics: chicken wire structure, sealed terracotta pedestal vessel
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