Astrology in Flowers: Pisces

Astrology in Flowers: Pisces

Pisces is the magical fish of the zodiac, the mystical and deeply feeling astrological sign of emotions, intuition, and the fantastic. As we deepen into Pisces season, which extends from February 19th to March 20th, we are all invited into a span of time that is more intuitive, adaptable, and compassionate, a time that also encourages and magnifies these traits within each of us.


Pisces brings out our creativity, our romantic tendancies, our empathy, and at times our escapist desires too (I always feel ready for a getaway around this time of year!). Our feelings and imaginative inklings to explore our dreams gain energy during Pisces season, which makes this a good time to turn inward and to listen for the nudges and creative urges that are asking to be felt, experienced, or brought into the world. 





Pisces reminds us to take time alone for introspection and to make space to dream. While this sign can be dualistic, and people born under Pisces may tend to change their minds often, Pisces also swims beautifully in the currents of our natural emotions, inviting us all to embrace the fact that what we feel is part of our nature and meant to flow through us. Pisces teaches us how tenderness is courageous and also inspiring. There is so much strength in our depths. 


An emotional wellbeing exercise that Pisces energy inspires now, but that can be practiced anytime, is to simply notice what and how you feel. Honor and have compassion for that feeling when it comes, and observe it as it builds into a wave that rises, peaks, diminishes, and moves through you in its own time, leaving your body at the end of its cycle. The word “emotion” contains the same root as the word “motion,” which is what emotions are meant to do: to move through us. 


I have translated Pisces here into the language flowers, using the gentle and dreamy shapes of ranunculus, snapdragons, and butterfly ranunculus. The colors of soft lavender and rich purple tones reflect the mystical nature of the imagination and also the crown chakra’s energetic access to higher consciousness. The whirlpool petals of ranunculus meet the gestures of snapdragons (each bud is also a tiny mouth that snaps open when pinched!) in what becomes a sumptuous early-spring arrangement that seems to swim in fantasy and generosity.  





“Astrology in Flowers” is a personal creative project that came to me years ago, asking me to compose together my love for flowers, writing, the zodiac, and self-discovery. I encourage you too to make space for your own creative explorations that connect your interests and connect you to the season surrounding you at this moment. Such projects are some of the most fun and rewarding of all to make and to share. Please share this post with a Pisces you love to help celebrate their birthday season!



  • Dates: February 19th - March 20th
  • Qualities: compassionate, intuitive, gentle, creative, fantastical, romantic, sensitive, empathetic, dualistic, escapist, magical
  • Element: Water, element of the emotions
  • Modality: Mutable, an adaptable and flexible sign
  • Planet: Neptune, planet of mysteries 
  • Colors: lavender, purple, blues, soft and cool tones
  • Flowers: ranunculus, snapdragon, butterfly ranunculus, eucalyptus gunnii — all locally grown during Pisces season by our friends at Psalter Farm Flowers here in San Diego, California
  • Design Structure: chicken wire armature inside a glazed pedestal vessel
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