Astrology in Flowers: Gemini

Astrology in Flowers: Gemini

Gemini is the sign of duality, multiplicity, communication, intellect, and imagination. It is the spice and pizzazz that keeps us all chatting, changing, and challenging the way things are or the way things can be. Gemini season inspires us to question, query, and also light up with new possibilities as the Gemini energy of curiosity, new ideas, and wit surrounds us. 

Gemini is an air sign, a sign of fluidity and lightness. Geminis get restless and bored easily and are creative and playful by nature. Their intelligence and adaptability mean they need change and the freedom to make meaning in their life’s pursuits. 



For Geminis, and for all of us during Gemini season, seek a balance of grounding and restorative practices to pair with your natural urges and itches for constant movement. Indulge your curiosities and passions, giving them lots of space in your free time to be explored, and also consciously cultivate a sense of contentment, as endless desires and interests alone can leave us agitated and feeling unfulfilled. Pepper in some calming walks, and center yourself with resonant and fluid experiences like listening to or playing music. 

I’ve created Gemini in flowers here with a twin set of floral clusters, lots of moving parts, and an array of textures, from deeply sensual garden roses to fluffy and playful carnations paired with airy and opposing dried elements in yarrow and lace. All are in tones of bright and energized yellow. The mechanics are small metal floral pin frogs fastened to the bottom of each ceramic vase with floral putty. Send this along to a Gemini you love, and happy Gemini season!



Gemini is associated with the Major Arcana card "Parrot Tulip | The Lovers," in our Tarot of Flowers deck. The "Parrot Tulip | The Lovers" flower and tarot card associated with self-love, relationships, and duality. Here is a snippet from the Tarot of Flowers guidebook for this card:


"The flamboyant and sumptuous Parrot Tulip, with its painted petals shaped like parted lips, speaks of the desirous and dynamic experience of eros. [...] As a showy spring flower, adorned with ruffles and splashes of color, Parrot Tulip exemplifies personal definition and a clear sense of self. Is fiery markings represent the vividness and magnetism of infautation that flush your life with color. [...] Just as Parrot Tulip bloom slater an dlonger into the spring than most tulips, remember to take your time and savor what is unfolding."


Learn more about the Tarot of Flowers deck, or get your own (or gift!) a Tarot of Flowers deck through the link above.


“Astrology in Flowers” is a personal creative project that I’ve built as a way to compose together my love for flowers, language, the zodiac, and the connective experience of self-discovery. I encourage you to make space for your own creative explorations that connect your interests and furthermore connect you to the season surrounding you at this moment. Such projects are some of the most fun and rewarding of all to make and to share.  



  • Dates: May 21st - June 20th
  • Qualities: communicative, witty, curious, impulsive, adaptable, non-committal, restless, adventurous, talkative, playful
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Colors: shades and tones of bright and energized yellows and golds
  • Flowers: Honey Dijon garden roses, dried yellow yarrow, dried queen anne’s lace, variegated carnations
  • Mechanics: metal floral pin frogs fastened with floral putty inside small ceramic vases




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