Astrology in Flowers: Cancer

Astrology in Flowers: Cancer

Happy birthday season to all the magical, devoted, and deeply feeling Cancer crabbies out there! This is personally one of my personal favorite signs, and I am lucky enough to have so many Cancer crabs in my life, from my mother, big sister, sister-in-law, nephew, and my sweet husband, along with several close friends. Maybe it’s the Scorpio and fellow water sign in me, but I love my Cancer crabs.

Cancer, is the nurturer, the nest-builder, the compassionate one who inspires everyone’s heart to grow a size just being around them. Their moods make them a little defensive or guarded at times, but once they let someone in, a world of adoration and comfort have been entered. Cancer crabs are strong and enduring, sensitive and imaginative, protective and perceptive, and the world just needs their big-heartedness.

I’ve created the Cancer sign here in big summer blooms, full of the sun’s warmth and flushed with heart-opening beauty, including dahlias, zinnias, and wild fennel flowers (which grow 8-10’ tall around here, filling canyons and freeway exits alike with their minty-lemon fireworks this time of year). These are hardy, dependable, and emotionally moving flowers that seem to capture the embrace (and extended protective pincers) of Cancer the crab. The warm colors embody the caring energy Cancers carry in their great compassion for everyone around them. 

During Cancer season, we can practice the opportunity to protect what’s important to us, to have healthy boundaries, and to give ourselves space when our moods inevitably swing. We can spend time in the soothing (and cooling) moonlight, especially during the summer heat, and connect with the cyclical celestial body connected with this sign. We can also practice opening our hearts a bit more and cultivate a ready sense of compassion for others that acknowledges our shared humanity and our deep feelings, whether we show them readily or not. 

Listen to music that gives you all the feels. Do a bit more journaling. Give more hugs. Trust that whatever you are feeling, someone else is too, and that awareness can bring a lot of healing and hope to the world. Connect with family and close friends. Let all the love in.


Cancer is associated with the Major Arcana card "Amaryllis | The Chariot," in our Tarot of Flowers deck. This flower and card is associated with action, momentum, and overcoming. Here is a snippet from the Tarot of Flowers guidebook for this card:


"The powerful and extraordinary Amaryllis blooms in huge gramophone-shaped flowers on strong and lengthy stalks — a flower of action, persistence, and charisma. As the blooming symbol of The Chariot, this flower stands for adventure, passion, enthusiasm, and the strength to overcome. [...] This is a time to clarify your objectives and commit to the road you must ride in order to surpass what is between you and your goals. The seat of the Chariot represents your body, the powerful horses drawing it are your senses, and the reins to steer them are your mind. Note that Amaryllis asks you to guide your chariot’s direction not by brute force but with willpower and courage. How are you gripping your reins?."


Learn more about the Tarot of Flowers deck, or get your own (or gift) a Tarot of Flowers deck through the link above.


Send this along to any Cancer crabs you love!




“Astrology in Flowers” is a personal creative project that I’ve built as a way to compose together my love for flowers, language, the zodiac, and the connective experience of self-discovery. I encourage you to make space for your own creative explorations that connect your interests and furthermore connect you to the season surrounding you at this moment. Such projects are some of the most fun and rewarding of all to make and to share.  



  • Dates: June 21st - July 22nd
  • Qualities: sensitive, feeling, nurturing, possessive, security-seeking, moody, compassionate, imaginative, dependable, observant, affectionate
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Planet: The Moon
  • Colors: warm, heart-opening tones, watery blends, guarded petals
  • Flowers: summer dahlias, zinnias, and wild fennel
  • Mechanics: ceramic bowl, metal floral pin frog, floral mounting putty



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