Jen is a natural teacher. She really put my mind in a state of peace and allowed me to create freely.
The vibe was perfect, Sunday well spent.
— Dena
Thank you so much for the most wonderful workshop experience, Jen.
The space you created was calm, inspiring, connected, and safe.
— Meg
The workshop felt very rewarding. I learned a lot, I felt more confident about my abilities, and I made new and lovely friends!
— Camille
Jen’s teaching style is cool, calm and collected the whole time. She is warm and kind which really helped my nervousness go away ... I enjoyed listening to Jen talk about her journey to flowers and how she embraces her work and makes it an extension of herself.
— Emma
SO in love with Jen’s energy and welcoming spirit. She brings her own light with her and it radiated so much to me!
— Macey

This was such an amazing experience. I think my favorite thing about it was that it was just for me, meaning that the flowers available were selected according to a palette of my choice. Also Jen’s studio was such an amazing space to create in. So beautiful and peaceful and exactly what I want to create for myself. And the photographs from our class...they are just beyond. I love them so much and am so grateful to have them.
— Veronica

I loved this class. My favorite part was the variety of beautiful flowers we used, and learning how to do the bouquet step by step was so calming and relaxing.
— Mariana

I walked away feeling like I could it do again and even other forms of floral installations which is super cool. All of this information was so valuable to me. […] I left Jen’s studio feeling inspired, fulfilled, and moved in so many ways.
— Dena

Jen’s teaching style is thoughtful, thorough, and very accessible. Jen’s background as an educator is apparent, and she really took the time to understand what I was looking for out of the session.
— Amy

My 1:1 floristry session with Jen was a dream come true. From the moment she opened the door I felt so comfortable and inspired (not to mention her studio space is a total dream). She was so welcoming and made me feel confident in my own ability while engaging me to learn more!
— Franki