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Creative Nourishment Circle

Creative Nourishment Circle

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The Creative Nourishment Circle is a 90-minute holistic workshop experience of grounding, mental and emotional nourishment and support, empowering wellness learning, healing realignment, and inspiration for floral artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. All are welcome to come ground, reset, recharge, and refresh in the Nectar & Bloom studio with Jen in this circle.



• Grounding internalization and guided meditation

• Journaling prompts

• A creative nourishment class led by Jen, drawing from and integrating Ayurveda, chakra balancing, floral healing, and yoga for healthy lifestyle guidance and deep reconnection with body and nervous system to refresh and rejuvenate

• Tarot of Flowers card pulls and readings

• Guided deep relaxation practice and Reiki to seal it all in


This experience meets you where you are and provides you with the nourishment and guidance you need on a deep level to keep your creative practice grounded and inspired and to feel balanced, supported, and healthy while you pour into your small business and creative practice.

Location: In-Studio or Remote attendance available

Remote Circle: May 14th, 2024 - 3:00pm-4:30pm PST
In-Studio Circle: May 14th, 2024 - 7:00pm-8:30pm PST


"Many floral artists and entrepreneurs struggle with feeling burnt out and exhausted, daunted by the stress and overwhelm of work demands while trying to be healthy and longing to feel grounded and refreshed, not to mention in better balance and harmony with body, mind, and creative practice.

Floral artistry and entrepreneurship are not for the faint of heart, and even with passion and success, our bodies and minds need a break to refresh and realign so that we can be healthy and intentional and continue to love and find the work we do rewarding and meaningful. Community and connection is a big part of that.

You deserve a space to reset and refresh, an accessible span of time to feel supported and nourished in a soothing setting with easeful access to guided mindfulness, relaxation, and inspiration practices to nourish your creativity as well as your entire being.

This is exactly why I created Creative Nourishment Circles, to provide accessible, holistic support and guidance in our soothing creative studio space, where you can stretch, ground, and learn accessible practices and shifts to bring into your life that will nourish and support you while you do the beautiful work you are here to do."

— Jen Lagedrost Cavender
Nectar & Bloom Founder


You, too, are an essential expression of nature, thriving when given the right nourishment and room to grow.

At Nectar & Bloom, our philosophy is rooted in supporting the creative process alongside floral artists themselves—providing transformative business guidance and soul stirring experiences through shared knowledge, inspiration, community, and connection.