Floral design, like poetry, is equal parts creative inspiration and practiced craft. In crafting a poem, the poet constructs a space for the reader to enter, some of which is intended and some of which manifests through the very act of creating it. I find that floral design provides a full-color, three-dimensional language for this very same kind of conjuring.

Every ceremony + celebration begins with a space, the blank page. Floral design furnishes what we write into it: the story of the hosts and their kin, the authentic experience of the people who gather, and the moment in their lives that brings them together to celebrate. Like music, it incites atmosphere, but with texture + all three tangible dimensions.

Without florals, you have a room or a space with furniture, inanimate shapes, a ballroom with no music, a page with words that aren’t yet verse (no meter, rhythm, musicality, image, metaphor—meaning). Floristry is the poetry that vivifies space.

In short, flowers fill a room with mood and meaning. Consider how they paint a space with the story of those who gather within it, and how they illustrate how hosts want their guests to feel in their company. This magic, a subtle language of multiple senses, is what I love most about designing for my clients’ celebrations.

In florally designing for you, I am thrilled to invite + curate the beauty of the natural world, in the cadence + color palette of your story, into the sacred + joyous spaces of your most remarkable occasions.

Jen Lagedrost Cavender