NECTAR + BLOOM || SamErica Studios

The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance and often appears during the season of harvest as autumn flourishes between the turn from summer to winter. It’s a time of transformation that calls out arpeggios of color from the landscape, a time of texture and of earthen-smoky scents as the growth of warmer months wanes brittle before fluttering off on crisp wind.

Akin to the trope of the genie in a bottle, myth holds that the horn of plenty magically and continuously fills with whatever a person who possesses it wants. I love this symbol, both for its celebratory appearance during the bountiful shift from summer to winter, and also for its existence as proof of our faith that seasons of bounty always return, and that in a sense our cup does always fill and refill with what we seek and desire.

In the spirit of celebrating bounty and abundance, here is Nectar + Bloom’s floral exploration of autumn steeped in a lavish nostalgia for summer, a step deeper into the waning year while carrying all the songs of the season passing. This is a floral poem for Southern California with a nod to my origins in the Midwest and also the aromas of ancient Greek and Roman myths from which the symbol of the cornucopia, or horn of plenty, arises. May it be a season for us all to gather, connect, and enjoy great bounty as we reflect on the gifts of the year closing and the promises of the year on the horizon.

Photography by Samerica Studios. Floral Design & Styling by Nectar + Bloom.

Jen Lagedrost Cavender